Pinterest works with a range of third parties that help us provide you with inspiring content. In our Privacy Policy, we explain what information we collect and how and when we share it. We think it’s important for you to know about these relationships and how you are empowered to make choices about them. If your account settings allow us to, we share information about your activity on Pinterest with third parties to improve your experience on and off Pinterest.

These third parties help Pinterest to:

  • Personalise your experience when you browse on Pinterest or when you visit other websites
  • Analyse and improve our services
  • Report on ad performance to let our advertisers know how their ads are doing
  • In short, our partnerships with third parties enable us to provide you with relevant and interesting content. Our partners need to know what you’re interested in to help us do this, but when we share your information, we take great care to ensure that our partners can only use your information to achieve these goals.

    If you don't want us to share information with our partners in this way, you can adjust your preferences at any time by visiting your account settings.

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