Ads performance reporting on Pinterest

To help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ads on Pinterest, we may share information about your activity on Pinterest with them or a measurement service they work with. We'll never share your name or email address.

Some measurement services work by combining information about who saw an advertiser’s ads with information about visits and purchases on the advertiser’s website or app, or in their physical shops. For example, a mobile application company may work with an analytics service to measure when their app is downloaded and how it’s used. If a mobile app company places an ad on Pinterest to encourage people to download their app, Pinterest can tell their analytics service which mobile devices viewed their ads on Pinterest by sharing the resettable advertising identifier of each mobile device that viewed their ad on Pinterest.

An advertiser can place our HTML code on their website to read the Pinterest cookie stored in your browser (this code is called a ‘pixel’ or ‘tag’). If you’re signed in to Pinterest when you make a purchase on the advertiser’s website, the tag sends that information and your cookie to Pinterest. We’ll use that info to tell the advertiser how many purchases resulted from their ads shown on Pinterest. If the advertiser also passes us a transaction number that identifies your purchase, we can tell them about the ads that led to that purchase.

We also allow advertisers to use information about your off-Pinterest activity to help personalise ads for you on Pinterest. Learn more about personalised ads and what choices you have.

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