Claim your Instagram, Etsy or YouTube account

Claim your Instagram, Etsy or YouTube account to let people know where they can see more from you. If you have a Pinterest business account, claiming it will give you access to analytics on all Pins saved from your claimed account. Find out more about claimed account analytics.

If you're claiming a YouTube account, Pinterest may ask for permission to manage the account. This is needed for Pinterest to access your channel ID and identify your videos, but Pinterest will not edit your video content in any way.

Claim your account

If there are existing Pins that match your claimed Instagram, YouTube or Etsy account, those Pins should be attributed to you within a few days. All Pins created from these accounts in the future will be attributed to you. Note that your Instagram account must be public in order for us to attribute Pins from that account to you.

We'll use claimed account information to help distribute your content and offer you additional Pinterest features and content.

Unclaim your account

Your accounts will no longer appear as linked in your settings.

Note: You can revoke Pinterest’s access to your YouTube account through your Google settings, but your account info won’t immediately disappear from Pinterest unless you also change your Pinterest settings.

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