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You can use Idea Pins to record multiple videos and add images, lists and custom text in a single Pin. Like other Pins, Idea Pins will stay on your boards once you’ve published them. Once you’ve published at least one Idea Pin, the Pin will be displayed on your profile at the top of your 'Created' tab along with all of your Idea Pins.

You can use Idea Pins to:

  • Create a step-by-step guide, project or recipe
  • Upload multiple short videos with additional descriptive text or text overlay
  • Customise the colours and fonts in your Pin
  • Improve your targeting with topic tagging
  • Curate a collection of products
  • Tell a story in a brand new way

Before you get started

Before you create an Idea Pin, you’ll need to accept and agree to the Creator Code. The Creator Code is a pledge to create Idea Pins that follow our Community guidelines. If an Idea Pin violates our guidelines, you may lose access to Idea Pins. You’ll only need to accept the Creator Code once.

After you’ve selected to create an Idea Pin, click “Get started” to read the Creator Code. Click “I agree” to accept the Creator Code and start creating your Idea Pin. You can refer back to the Creator Code at any time here.

Create an Idea Pin

Edit Idea Pins

After you’ve published an Idea Pin, you can edit the board or section that you published it to. You may notice on some published Idea Pins that comments are disabled by default. You can turn on or off at any time the ability for people to comment on a published Idea Pin. If you have a business account, you can turn on or off at any time the ability for people to add a take on a published Idea Pin.

You can save one Idea Pin in draft form on Android phones, store up to 3 GB of Idea Pins in draft form on iPhones and save unlimited drafts on desktop. You can come back to your device later to finish a draft and publish it to a board. You cannot edit your drafts across different devices.

If you’re too low on storage space to save Idea Pin drafts, you’ll need to free up space on your mobile device by deleting files, pictures or apps.

Creative specs

Looking for great Idea Pins? See Pinterest's Creative best practices and take a look at some of our favourites. Or connect with other creators in the Pinterest Business Community.

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