If you get an email from Pinterest, you can confirm that we've sent it by checking the email address you received it from.

You will receive emails about: 

  • General topics and news from @info.pinterest.com
  • Account information, such as a password reset link, notification of an email address change, website claim and more from @account.pinterest.com
  • Your activity on the Pinterest account, such as followers and following, messages and reactions from @notifications.pinterestmail.com or @notifications.pinterest.com
  • Pin and board recommendations from @explore.pinterestmail.com, @inspire.pinterestmail.com, @ideas.pinterestmail.com, @explore.pinterest.com, @inspire.pinterest.com, @ideas.pinterest.com, @sherlock.pinterest.com
  • If you mark our emails as spam or the emails we send to you are bouncing, we stop sending them. If you do not receive emails from Pinterest, check this article.

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