Personalisation and data

We want to provide you with the most interesting content when you use Pinterest. Sometimes we use information from Pinterest site features such as the Save button to do this. If your settings permit, we sometimes allow certain service providers to collect and use information on Pinterest to create personalised ads. In each case, you can choose whether we use the information to customise Pinterest for you by going to your account settings.

Save button and site features

If you go to a site that has the Save button or a Pinterest widget, Pinterest can use info about that visit to customise your experience back on Pinterest. For example, if you recently visited some websites that sell camping gear and feature the Pinterest Save button, we might show you Pins from the websites you visited, more Pins related to the outdoors, or Promoted Pins for hiking gear.

How it works

When you go to a Pinterest-infused site, Pinterest uses a cookie to note the visit. A cookie is just a really small file that gets auto-added to your browser.

Next time you log in to Pinterest, Pinterest reads the cookie and uses the info to personalise your experience. If you aren’t logged in or haven’t signed up yet, Pinterest can also use cookies to customise your sign-up experience and start you off with stuff we think you might like to follow.

Pinterest deletes this data after 30 days.

Turn off personalisation

If you don’t want Pinterest using stuff you do outside Pinterest to personalise your experience, here are some things you can do:

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