Pinterest doesn't recognise your email address

If we don't recognise your email address, there are a few things you can try.

Get a hint for your email address or reset your password

Go to and search for your username or profile name to get a hint for the email address on your account. If you need to, you can also use this link to reset your password once you locate your account.

Log in with Facebook or Google

If your account is connected to Facebook or Google, click Continue with Facebook or Continue with Google instead of entering your email address and password.

Try logging in with a typo

It's possible the email address you entered when signing up contains a typo. Try logging in with a misspelled email address and your password.

Common typos are:

  • Typing .con instead of .com
  • Typing .com instead of .net
  • Using instead of
  • Forgetting the numbers in the address (e.g. name [at] instead of name123 [at]
  • Using the username of one email address and the domain of another (e.g. you have myname [at] and myfirstname [at], but you signed up with myname [at]

If you're then able to log in, make sure you update your email address to fix the typo.