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You can search Pinterest for products to buy. Just find a product Pin and tap it to visit the retailer’s website. If you decide to order something, the purchase will take place with the retailer on their website. If you have a question about something you've ordered, please contact the retailer.

Search for things to buy

There are many ways you can shop for products on Pinterest. You might not have access to all of them yet, but you’ll see them soon.

Retailers who’ve met Pinterest’s Merchant Guidelines will have a badge on their profile. This badge means that the merchant:

  • Has verified ownership of their website
  • Doesn't appear to be a spammer or dropshipper
  • Includes price and availability in the product description
  • Has a clear returns policy that states whether the merchant accepts returns
  • Has contact information for customer service
  • Has a delivery policy displaying delivery time and costs 

Questions about an order

While we work to make your shopping experience seamless, we're not responsible for any disputes or issues you may have with retailers or products discovered on Pinterest.

We welcome all feedback about your overall shopping experience. Please let us know if a merchant is not following our Guidelines.

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