Archive Promoted Pin campaigns

Archive inactive campaigns, ad groups and Promoted Pins to reduce clutter and decrease loading time when using Ads Manager.

You can archive using the Ads Manager or bulk editor. In Ads Manager, you can archive the same way you make edits. With the bulk editor, you can archive multiple campaigns, ad groups or Promoted Pins at the same time by specifying ‘ARCHIVE’ in the action column.

Archiving a campaign or an ad group will also archive everything within it. For example, if you archive a campaign, all ad groups and Promoted Pins in that campaign will be archived. If you archive an ad group, the Promoted Pins will be archived, but the campaign and any other ad groups in that campaign will not be affected.

Once something has been archived, it can't be restored. Archiving will permanently remove a component from your default views and reports. Whilst you can't undo this action, you can still export performance data on archived objects.

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