Billing vouchers and credits

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Sometimes Pinterest runs marketing offers that you can apply to your advertiser account. If you're eligible for a credit (a promotional amount that is added to your account to spend on ads), or you applied a voucher (a discount towards billing), you can see this offer in your account. 

Redeem an offer code

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account
  2. Click Ads at the top of your screen, then click Billing
  3. Select Payment settings from the left-hand side navigation
  4. Click Offer codes
  5. Enter your offer code and click Apply offer

View your active vouchers and credits

You can view your active and expired offers, and their terms, validity period and expiry dates, on the Promotions page.

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account

  2. Click Ads at the top of your screen, then click Billing

  3. Click the Promotions tab from the left-hand side navigation

If your ad spend meets the conditions of the offer, the voucher will be applied to your next bill.


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