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To upload multiple videos in one go, use the Bulk create Pins tab in your Pinterest Settings. This tool is available to selected video creators and lets you upload up to 200 videos in one go from a spreadsheet that contains information about your videos.

Use this sample spreadsheet to get started. Each row in the spreadsheet represents the metadata for one video. You can pre-validate the spreadsheet to avoid issues during upload. You can also set a scheduled publish date to publish your video Pins at a preferred time.

Spreadsheet details

Make sure the column names in your spreadsheet meet these guidelines.

Column names Criteria
Title (required)
  • 100 characters maximum
  • Video URL (required)
  • This must be a link to the file itself, typically ending with .mp4 or dl=1
  • Pinterest board (required)
  • The title of the Pinterest board your content should be saved to
  • To specify a section, include the section title after the slash e.g. board name/section name
  • Board name and section URLs are also valid
  • If the board or section doesn’t exist, it will be created for you
  • Thumbnail
  • This can be either a timestamp, the number of seconds into the video file or a public URL to an image file
  • If the thumbnail is an image URL, the aspect ratio of the image must match the ratio of the video
  • Description
  • 500 characters maximum
  • Link
  • The URL that the Pin points to when a user clicks the 'Visit' button on the Pin
  • Publish date
  • The publish date must be formatted as '2020-01-01'
  • If the publication date of your video is empty or it's in the past, your video will be published immediately
  • If this timestamp is in the future, your video will be scheduled for publication on the specified date
  • If we’re not able to parse the date format, you’ll receive an error and the video won’t be published
  • Keywords
  • A comma-separated list of keywords that are relevant to your video
  • Upload your spreadsheet
  • Export your spreadsheet as a comma-separated value file or .csv.
  • Log in to your Pinterest business account.
  • Click the directional chevron down icon in the top right-hand corner of Pinterest to open your menu.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Bulk Create Pins from the left-side navigation.
  • Drag and drop your .csv file into the box or click the directional arrow up circle icon to upload your file. Once your videos have been added, we’ll send you an email to let you know that the upload was successful, or if anything needs to be fixed.
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