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Claim your Instagram, Etsy or YouTube account to let people know where to find more of your content and to get deeper insights into how your Pins are performing.

Like a claimed website, your Pinterest account will be displayed on any Pins created from your Instagram, Etsy or YouTube account. People can click through to these accounts to see and save more of your content. Note that your Instagram account must be public in order for us to attribute Pins from that account to you.

When someone creates a Pin from one of your claimed accounts, the Pin will be attributed to you, and your profile picture will be shown on all of the Pins saved from these accounts. You'll get access to analytics to see what people are saving from your accounts and how these Pins are performing. Pins created from your account will also be counted as part of the business account 'monthly views' number on your profile, just like claimed website Pins.

You can claim accounts in your settings on your computer and your iOS or Android device. Once claimed, any existing Pins from your claimed accounts should be attributed to you within a few days. All Pins created from these accounts in the future will be attributed to you.

We'll use claimed account information to help distribute your content and offer you additional Pinterest features and content.

When you unclaim an account, you will no longer have attribution on the Pin or access to the Pin's analytics. Note that unclaiming your account removes the data associated with the Pin. If you choose to claim your account again, you will see different data than what you saw previously.

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