Create a custom report

In the report centre, you can customise report templates to see all of the information you need in one report. View your report history to see real-time status updates and run past reports again.

Create a custom report

  1. From your Pinterest business account, click Ads in the top left-hand corner
  2. Click Reporting
  3. Click Export above the reporting table then select Create custom report
  4. Under "Report type" on the left-hand side of the screen, click   to choose a report template
  5. Give your report a title and set time or date ranges in the "Report details" section
  6. Edit the available options in the "Data setup" section to customise your report data
  7. Add and remove columns for your report
    • Search for a column in the search bar
    • Click   next to a category to browse column options
    • Click   next to a column name to remove it from your report
  8. Click Run report

When you click Run report, you'll go to your report history page. Keep an eye on the report status column to see if your report finishes successfully.

View your report history

To view your report history, click Export above the reporting table in your reporting dashboard, then select View report history. Here you'll see real-time report status updates on reports you've created in the report builder.

On the report history page, you can:

  • Cancel a report while it's still being processed
  • Run a cancelled or failed report again
  • Download a completed report

Reports are stored in your report history for 3 days after creation. Note that any reports created from your reporting table won't be available in your report history.

Learn how to export reports from your reporting table.

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