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Mobile ad tools let you create and manage ads using the Pinterest app on your iPhone, Android or tablet. These tools include simplified targeting choices and a quicker ad creation process.

Create ads in the Pinterest app

  1. Go to your Pinterest profile.

  2. Tap Promote a Pin. If you already have ads on Pinterest, tap See more then Create new ad.

  3. Choose a Pin to promote and tap Promote Pin.

  4. Complete your targeting details, then tap Next.

    • Choose Automatic if you want Pinterest to identify the best audience based on your Pin details.

    • Select Custom if you want to target specific ages, genders, locations or interests.

  5. Use the slider or type a number in the text box to set the ad duration and daily budget, then tap Next.

  6. Confirm or change your payment details, then tap Next. If you’re a new advertiser, you’ll be prompted to accept our terms.

  7. Make sure everything looks right and confirm your destination URL.

  8. Click Publish ad. Your ad will enter our review queue. We’ll let you know when it’s been reviewed and whether it’s been approved.

Once your ad has been approved, visit the 'Ads' section of your profile to view your reporting data. You can pause the campaign at any time or edit your budget, targeting information, name and URL.

Edit ads in the Pinterest app

  1. Open the Pinterest app and go to your profile.

  2. Tap See more.

  3. Toggle between 'Active' or 'Paused' depending on which ads you want to see.

  4. Tap on the ad you’d like to edit.

  5. You can edit your budget, targeting, ad name and destination URL. You can also pause the ad.

If you want to edit details that you cannot see in the app, please use Ads Manager on your desktop computer instead of our mobile ad tools.  

View reporting

  1. Open the Pinterest app and go to your profile.

  2. Tap See more.

  3. You can see reporting from the last 30 days for spend, impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate (CTR) and saves.

  4. Click on an individual Pin to see its performance data. You can also toggle between active and paused ads.

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