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The base code is the foundation of the Pinterest tag. It needs to be added to every page of your website so event codes can function and audience data can be built from all the traffic on your site.

Add the Pinterest base code to your website

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account 
  2. Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Conversions
  3. Click Install the Tag
  4. Select how you want to install the tag by clicking Choose one of the three options below:
    • Add code using a Partner integration: Choose which partner you want to use and follow the specific instructions
    • Manually add tag code to website: Click 1. Install the base code, then click Copy code
    • Email instructions to a developer: Your colleague or developer will receive  instructions via email to install the tag for you 
  5. Paste the code in the global header of your website between the <head> and </head> tags so that it fires on every page

Use Enhanced Match in your base code

Add Enhanced Match to see more conversions by tracking website actions when there’s no Pinterest cookie present. Enhanced Match sends back secure, hashed email addresses with your conversions. 

Use Enhanced Match by replacing <user_email_address> in the base code with your email variable name.

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