Keyword targeting

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Keyword targeting lets you reach people as they search for a specific idea on Pinterest.

Add keywords related to the ad you’re promoting – for instance, if you’re promoting living room furniture, try targeting people searching for “living room décor” or “home décor ideas”. Make sure any keywords you add are relevant to your Pin and compliant with our policies, or your ad may be rejected.

Keyword match types

You can use match types and negative keywords to target Pinners’ search terms with even more precision.

Get precise control over which searches your ad appears in by using phrase and exact matches to narrow in on specific searches, or use broad match to reach a wider audience. Negative keywords let you exclude certain search terms from triggering your ads and can be set at the ad group or campaign level.

When adding match types through Ads Manager directly, use operators to indicate the match type. For broad match, leave a keyword as is. For phrase match, use quotations around your keywords. For exact match, use brackets around your keywords (see Example keyword below). Operators are not necessary when using Bulk editor.

Match type


Example keyword Eligible search Ineligible search
Broad match (default) Pins appear for your own keyword as well as for misspellings, synonyms and other related search terms. Word order doesn't matter. Kitchen design Kitchen décor ideas, wallpaper designs T-shirt ideas
Phrase match Pins appear for search terms that include the entire phrase contained in the specified keyword as well as misspellings and close variations of that phrase. The search term phrase must use the same word order as the keyword. "Kitchen design" Kitchen design ideas, Kitchen designs Kitchen décor idea, Design kitchen
Exact match Pins appear for your exact keyword or for a close variation of that keyword. Word order matters. [Kitchen design] Kitchen design, Kitchen designs Kitchen design idea, Design kitchen, Kitchen décor
Negative phrase match Your Pins will not appear for any searches that contain the entire keyword phrase within the search term. Word order matters. "Bedroom décor" Kitchen décor Bedroom décor tips
Negative exact match Your Pins will not appear for searches that match your keyword exactly. Order matters. [Bedroom décor] Modern bedroom décor, Kitchen décor Bedroom décor

Keywords can be added during ad group creation, but are edited in the "Keywords" panel of an ad group rather than in the ad group edit modal. On the ad group page for ad groups in search placements, you'll see a toggle for "Pin Promotions" and for "Keywords" just below the graph and above the table of data. Select "Keywords" here, then add or delete keywords as required.

Negative keywords can only be added using the "Keywords" panel of a campaign or ad group.