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Review your performance metrics on your actual Pins with Pin stats. See all of the ways people have interacted with your content across Pinterest in real time, gaining insight into how your Pins are performing.

To view your Pin stats, make sure you have a business profile and have claimed your website and other accounts. Only you can see these stats.

View your Pin stats

Understanding your Pin stats

We calculate Pin stats by aggregating the data for all Pins that share an image and URL. This includes data from all of the people who have saved content from your site using your on-site Save button, our browser extension, or from somewhere else on Pinterest. We also include data from the Pin's downstream activity, such as saves from your Pinterest profile, resaves from someone else's profile or clicks on any instance of the Pin.

Metrics for standard Pins

  • Impressions: the number of times your Pin was seen on Pinterest

  • Close-ups: the number of times people tapped on your Pin for a closer look

  • Saves: the number of times people saved your Pin to a board

  • Link clicks: the number of Pin clicks that drive to a destination, on or off Pinterest

Metrics for video Pins

  • Video views: the amount of views for at least 2 seconds with 50% of the video in view

  • Average watch time: the average time someone spent watching your video

  • Saves: the number of times people saved your video Pin to a board

  • Link clicks: the number of video Pin clicks that drive to a destination, on or off Pinterest

  • 95% views: the number of times your video was viewed to 95% of its length

  • Total watch time: the total watch time for your video in minutes

Real-time metrics

When your story or video Pin is first created, we'll show you real-time metrics on that Pin during the first 24 hours. These real-time metrics are a good gauge to see how your Pin is performing immediately after it has been published. After 24 hours, we will update Pin stats hourly and make the following adjustments to ensure the accuracy of final metrics:

  • Identify and filter out duplicate events and events from spam users
  • Aggregate across re-saves of your original Pin

Metrics view

  • In the first 24 hours, we'll show real-time stats
  • After 24 hours, we'll show stats from the last 24 hours, updated hourly
  • Once the data is ready, we'll show you final numbers. This includes stats from when the Pin was created and up to the last day

To see more details of your performance, check out Pinterest Analytics. Because Pin stats are updated in real time, they may look different to the data in Analytics.

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