Pinterest tag implementation

The Pinterest tag tracks actions that people take on your website after viewing your Promoted Pins. Place the Pinterest tag on your website to gather audience insights and measure your return on ad spend (RoAS).

When you add the Pinterest tag to your website, you can see which ads lead to more conversions and how people engage with your website.

Base code

The base code is the foundation of the Pinterest tag. Place this on every page of your site, whether or not you’re tracking specific conversion events on that page.

Event code

You’ll place event codes on pages where you want to track specific conversions. After you place the base code, put an event code where you want to see what actions people are taking, for example if they signed up or if they bought something.

Process overview

Note that the following instructions assume you’re using JavaScript and HTML.

Set up Ads Manager

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account and go to the Conversions page in Ads Manager

  2. Click Create Pinterest Tag

  3. Click the name of your Pinterest tag to copy the base code including your unique tag ID

Implement optional enhanced match

You have the option of implementing enhanced match so you can see more conversions by tracking website actions when there are no Pinterest cookies present. It sends back secure, hashed email addresses with your conversions to help increase the visibility you have of your conversions. If you use the <img> tag, you’ll have to hash the email addresses yourself before passing them to the tag.

  1. Find the base code

  2. Replace <user_email_address> in the code with your specific information

Add the Pinterest tag to your website

  1. Locate the header for your site.

  2. Place the base code in the  of your website between the <head> and </head> tags so that it fires on every page

  3. Go to the pages where you would like to track a specific event, for example when someone purchases something or when someone adds an item to their basket.

  4. Add the corresponding event code to the page, ensuring that the base code will run before the event code.

Verify your Pinterest tag

  1. Download the Pinterest tag helper Google Chrome extension to see the conversion tags and associated event data being sent from your website

  2. Go to Ads Manager and find the event history table on the conversions page to view the conversions fired by your tag in the last 24 hours

View conversions

You can view your  in Ads Manager.

  1. After running an ad campaign, log in to your Pinterest account and go to Ads Manager

  2. Click on Ads in the top left-hand corner and select Reporting

  3. Go to Table: Performance under the graph in the reporting table

Learn more about the reporting dashboard.

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