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Pinterest Trends shows a historic view of the top US, UK and Canada search terms and topics within the past 12 months, available to anyone wanting to find out when people start searching for various topics and which content is popular on Pinterest.

Getting started

  1. Open Pinterest Trends on your desktop or mobile browser
  2. Select which country you want to see data from by clicking  US in the top right-hand corner
  3. Enter a term in the top search bar or select one of the pre-populated topics featured below

If you can’t find a term you’re looking for, check back in a few days as we’re adding new terms every week.

Top trends

Below the search bar, you’ll see 'Today’s top Pinterest trends'. These are the most searched for fashion, food and drink, beauty, and home terms on a daily basis. Top trends highlight searches that have both high volume and strong growth. 

You can browse top trends for the US, UK and Canada. For the US, you can also see a breakdown of top trends within our most popular categories below top trends.

Compare terms

Explore multiple topics by entering up to 4 terms in the search bar at the same time to compare their popularity over the past 12 months. To remove terms from the compare view, click the x symbol on the right-hand side of each term.

Auto-complete suggestions 

Auto-complete is a feature within the Trends search bar that makes it faster to complete searches. The suggestions are real searches that happen on Pinterest and show common and trending terms relevant to the topics entered by you. 


Pinterest normalises search volume by only considering the ratio of searches for each trend to the total number of searches that happened on our platform during the same time frame. To make comparisons between terms easier, the highest point of the search term is indexed to 100, and the lowest point is indexed to 0 on each plot. The rest of the points on the plot are proportional to the highest and lowest points. 

Related terms

When you search for a term in Trends, you’ll see the Related terms section at the bottom of the graph. Scroll right to explore this list and click on a term to add it to your comparison chart.

Popular Pins

Popular Pins for each term will appear under Related terms. Clicking on the Pins will open the current top searches for the term in a new window.  

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