When you create or save content on Pinterest, you allow everyone to see the ideas that inspire you.

There are two types of content that can appear on your Pinterest business profile:

  • Published content: This is all of the content that you create on Pinterest or the content that you save from your claimed website.
  • Saved content: This includes all of the content you save from Pinterest or from a site you do not own. If someone visits your profile and you do not have any content you've created, they'll see saved Pins and boards from your profile.
  • You can see how both your published and saved content performs with Pin stats.

    Create content

    There are several ways that you can create content to appear under the Created tab on your profile:

  • Upload an image or video from your computer or mobile device to create a Pin on Pinterest. Follow these best practices to upload quality Pins.
  • Connect your RSS feed: Connect your website’s RSS feed to your Pinterest business account to automatically create Pins from the content on your website.
  • Add your website to your Pinterest business profile so that Pins you save from your website will appear on your profile. 
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