A Rich Pin is a type of organic Pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your Pins. You can identify Rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image in close-up and the bold title in your feed. If something changes on the original website, the Rich Pin is updated to reflect that change.

Rich Pins are a free product available for anyone on Pinterest.

Types of Rich Pin
  • Product Rich Pins include the most up-to-date pricing, availability and product information directly on your Pin. 
  • Recipe Rich Pins add a title, serving size, cooking time, ratings, diet preference and a list of ingredients to recipes you Pin from your site.
  • Article Rich Pins add the headline or title, the description, and the author of the article or blog post from your site.
  • Note: Article Rich Pins and recipe Rich Pins will be updated automatically to reflect any edits you make on your site. If you’re in the US or UK, we’ll only show information about your product Rich Pin if you’re on our list of merchants and the product is in stock.

    Apply for Rich Pins

    You need to apply for Rich Pins before you can start using them. This is to make sure your data will sync properly.

  • If you have product, article or recipe content on your site, you’ll need to add rich meta tags to those web pages.
  • After adding meta tags to your web pages, validate one of your correctly marked-up content pages in the Rich Pin validator
  • If the web page you are applying with is marked up correctly, you’ll see an approval message
  • When you apply, we’ll process your application within 24 hours.

    When your site has been approved, all content from web pages that have the correct meta tags will appear as Rich Pins when you create a new Pin. Existing Pins that link back to pages with rich meta tags will now appear as Rich Pins.

    Remove Rich Pin data

    If you want to remove Rich Pin data from a content page, simply add this tag to the header of your page before the closing body tag:

    <meta name="pinterest-rich-pin" content="false" />

    The tag will override the Rich Pin meta tags on that page only. All other pages on your site will remain unaffected unless you add the tag to those individual pages. If you ever want to turn Rich Pins back on, remove this tag.

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