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Product Pins help you get your products in front of people on Pinterest who are already looking for ideas and things to buy.

Here's how to get started:

  • Get ready: Make sure that catalogues are a fit, and that you're prepared
  • Ingest data source: Get your products on Pinterest
  • Create product groups: Filter and organise your product Pins

  • Promote product groups: Create shopping ads to promote your product Pins

  • Track, report and optimize: Measure success and make improvements
  • What are product Pins?

    Product Pins are enriched with metadata and formatted to let people on Pinterest know that they're shoppable. They contain pricing info, availability, product titles and descriptions. Note: In the US and UK, this info will only show up on your product Pins if your product is in stock, the price is accurate and we've updated the data in the past three days.

    Product Pin labels

    In some cases, your product Pins might have labels. Your Pin might read 'Best seller' if, across different merchants, it’s one of the most purchased items within a Pinterest product category, or it might read 'Popular' if it’s one of the most clicked product Pins within a product category on Pinterest. These labels do not refer to an individual merchant’s sales activity.

    We're currently exploring ways for merchants to sell used and refurbished products on Pinterest. This means that some product Pins will have 'Used' or 'Refurbished' labels on them. This is only available to certain merchants in a limited pilot test and is not widely available yet.

    Product Pin sources

    Product Pins on Pinterest come from two sources:

  • CataloguesA scaled way to upload a data source of products. Product Pins from catalogues can be added to product groups and promoted as shopping ads.
  • Rich PinsSaved to Pinterest directly from a product page on an advertiser’s website (metadata from the product page indicates the Pin is shoppable). Product Pins from rich Pins can't be made into product groups or promoted as shopping ads. Note: Rich Pin data will only show up on your Pins if you're on our list of merchants. If you're not on the list, apply to the Verified Merchant programme.
  • All product Pins on Pinterest can be distributed organically, but only product Pins created using Catalogues can be promoted as Shopping ads.

    What's next?

    See our Before you get started with Catalogues guide to see how you can get your products on Pinterest.

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