Creators on Pinterest are people who create original content to build a community and inspire others with their ideas. Anyone who creates content on the platform can be a creator!

Get started

To access the full suite of creator tools available on Pinterest, start by doing the following:

  • Get a business account to see insights on your content’s overall performance on Pinterest and create ads. Once you start creating Idea Pins, you may see the creator hub on your profile in the Pinterest app
  • Claim your website if you have one to publish content from your site and get access to analytics for any Pins created from your site (either by you or people visiting your site).
  • Claim your accounts to publish your existing content from Instagram, Etsy or YouTube to Pinterest.
  • Start creating Idea Pins to grow your audience.
  • Create content

    You can either publish new content created for Pinterest (recommended) or publish existing content you’ve already created from a claimed website or claimed account.

    Creating Idea Pins is the best way to build an organic audience on Pinterest. Use Idea Pins to record multiple videos or add images to create a step-by-step guide or a collection of ideas. You can also build a static Pin by uploading an image, then adding a title, description and destination URL. Create Pins frequently and consistently to grow your following and increase your reach.

    Need ideas for Pins? View Pinterest trends in selected countries to identify top search terms and topics to create trending Pins. If you’re in the US, you can click into the creator hub and tap Inspiration for trending ideas to create engaging Idea Pins.

    Follow best practices

    Upload clear images that are the correct dimensions for your selected Pin type. Review your Pin descriptions, board titles, board descriptions and website URLs to make sure they follow our best practices.

    Review your performance

    Review the performance on your Pins to see which ones are performing well with your followers. You can review your Pin stats to see metrics for an individual Pin or Analytics to see the overall performance of all of your content on Pinterest.

    You can also view your Audience Insights to see which of your Pins resonate best with your followers. If you see that your audience has a high affinity for a certain topic, try creating new (or more) content for that topic.

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