The Pinterest widget is currently available for iOS devices. To add a Pinterest widget, your device must be updated to iOS 14 or newer.

Add a Pinterest widget to your iOS device to stay inspired and see your favorite Pins at a glance, without needing to open the Pinterest app. 

You can add two different types of Pinterest widgets to your home screen:

  • A boards widget displays Pins saved to a particular board. You can choose to display Pins from your own board or from a board created by a Pinner you follow.
  • An interests widget displays Pins based on a topic you’re interested in. You can choose from interests including home decor, inspirational quotes, beauty, food and fashion.
  • Add a Pinterest widget

    Note: Pinterest widget is currently only available on iOS 14 or newer.

    Note: Pinterest widget is currently only available on iOS 14 or newer.

  • Download the Pinterest app on your device.
  • Tap and hold your device's home screen until the apps jiggle
  • Scroll down and select Pinterest
  • Swipe right and choose a widget type and size
  • Tap + Add Widget
  • From your home screen, tap your new widget to customize
    • Tip: you may need to press and hold to see the option to edit
  • For more help creating widgets on iOS devices, visit Apple’s support site.

    Edit or remove the Pinterest widget

    You can update the Pinterest board or interest you selected by touching and holding the widget until a menu appears. Then, select Edit Widget or Remove Widget.

    Widget troubleshooting

    If your widget isn’t displaying correctly, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Open the Pinterest app and make sure you’re logged in
  • Update the Pinterest app to the latest version
  • Make sure to enable Background App Refresh for the Pinterest app 
  • Restart your device and check to make sure it’s using the latest iOS software
  • Delete the widget and create a new one following the steps above
  • Delete and reinstall the Pinterest app on your device
    • You’ll need to log in again, but your data will be saved with the exception of your Pin drafts which are stored locally on your device
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