To help advertisers and other partners measure the effectiveness of their ads and pins on Pinterest, we show them ads performance reporting that includes general demographic and interest information about the people seeing their ads and how their ads are performing. We may also combine this reporting with information they pass us about your activity from their websites, apps, and stores. This helps them better understand how their Pinterest ads lead to things like purchases and signups.

To help advertisers do their own ads performance measurement, we may also provide them with info connected to you about Pinterest ads you viewed that they combine with your activity from their websites, apps, and stores. If you don’t want us to share information with our partners in this way, you can adjust your choices at any time by visiting your account settings.

You can also learn more about how we use your activity from Pinterest and other places to personalize ads for you, and see our Privacy Policy for a full statement of how we use personal information about you.

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