Here are some common reasons people can't log into Pinterest. Find the reason that best matches your experience and follow the steps.

Forgot your email address

For more information, learn how to find your account email.

Forgot your password

If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it. For more information, learn how to Reset your password.

Note: You'll need access to the email connected to your Pinterest account to reset your password. If you can no longer access the email account associated with your Pinterest account, then you’ll be unable to reset your password. You can create a new account and then save Pins from your old account to your new one.


We protected your account

If we notice any strange activity on your Pinterest account, we'll send you an email, reset your password, and log everyone out (including you) to protect your account. To get back on Pinterest, reset your password. Or, if your account is connected to Google, Facebook or Apple and you've logged in that way before, log in with Google, Facebook, or Apple.

We suspended your account

If your account is suspended, you'll see an error message when you try to log in. It may be because you did something that went against our community guidelines. If you think we shouldn't have suspended your account, get in touch with us.

Can't log in with Facebook or Google

If you're having trouble logging into Pinterest with Facebook, Google or Apple, you may need to adjust your settings in your Facebook app, Google account or Apple account.

Accidentally created another account

If your Pins and boards are missing or you recently got a new phone and things suddenly look different, you may have accidentally created a new account. Log out and search for your original account.

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