The claim your account feature is no longer available for Instagram, Etsy or YouTube. You can still claim your website so that your website content will be attributed to you when people share it on Pinterest.

Previously, it was possible to claim your Instagram, YouTube or Etsy account so that your Instagram, YouTube and Etsy content was attributed to you when someone shared it on Pinterest. This meant that when someone shared content from your claimed social accounts to Pinterest, your Pinterest profile information appeared next to it.

It is no longer possible to claim your social accounts, however any Pins saved to Pinterest from your previously claimed social accounts will still be saved to Pinterest and will still be attributed to you.

Going forward, if new content is saved to Pinterest boards from your previously claimed social accounts, your Pinterest profile information will not appear next to it.

People with Pinterest business accounts who previously claimed their social accounts will see analytics for their social content that was shared on Pinterest.

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