Combating online child exploitation

At Pinterest, we have a zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation. If we find it, we’ll report it to relevant authorities.

If you see sexualization or sexual exploitation of minors, like grooming, sexual remarks, or inappropriate imagery:

  • Don't save or share the image. Even sharing an image of child exploitation with good intentions can make it more difficult for law enforcement to track down and remove all of its sources.
  • Report it to us. For imagery on Pinterest, click the ellipsis icon  at the top of a Pin to report it.

In addition to reporting online child sexual exploitation on Pinterest, you can make a report to one of these organizations or your local law enforcement agency:

Viewing, saving, or sharing imagery of child sexual abuse can lead to imprisonment and severe penalties. It's important that if you see this content online, you report it immediately to one of the resources above or to your local law enforcement agency.

Resources and support

If you or someone you know is currently at risk of abuse, contact your local emergency services number immediately.
If you or someone you know has been victimized by child sexual exploitation in the past, we encourage you to visit these organizations' websites to find support services and educational resources.

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