Add or manage comments on a Pin

If you’ve got something great to say about a Pin, leave a comment or mention someone to share a Pin with them. You can only add links to Pinterest in your comment. Comments can be up to 500 characters.

Note: Comments may be disabled on some Pins.

Add a comment

You can add a comment on a Pin.

Edit your comment

You can edit a comment that you post.

Highlight a comment

If you’ve received a great or helpful comment, you can choose to highlight it for other people to see.

Add a comment filter

You can create a comment filter to block a term for your published Pins. Comments containing the term will not appear on your Pin, though words or phrases containing the term will continue to appear in comments. If you’d like to block specific words or phrases, use commas between each term to add each specific use case to the filter.

For example, if you create a filter for the word “apple pie”, any comment containing the exact phase will be blocked. In this case, “I like apple pie” or “apple pie” would be blocked. Any modified use of the word or phrase will not be blocked. In this case, “apple” or “apple pies are yummy” would not be blocked.

Turn off comments

If you do not want comments on a Pin you’ve published, you can turn off comments for that Pin.

Report or delete a comment

If a comment goes against our Community guidelines, you can report it. You can also delete a comment that you post or a comment someone left on a Pin you’ve published.

If you have a Pinterest business account, you can use the engagement tab to respond to, turn off comments or delete comments or photos in one place.

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