We're currently experimenting with a new communities feature. It’s a place to share tips, feedback, and ideas with people who share your interests—from baking to backpacking. 

Join a community

While we’re still just testing communities, they’re invite-only. Once someone invites you to a community and you decide to join, the communities tab will automatically show up in the navigation bar of your Pinterest app on your mobile device or on your computer.

Create a community

From the communities tab, click Create community on your computer or tap   on the Pinterest app.

Once you create a community, you’ll be the owner. This means you'll have the ability to moderate posts and foster great discussions, and the responsibility to help all community members feel safe and welcome. (No pressure!)

To do this, we encourage you to:

  • Read the Communities moderation tips for advice on how to keep your community a positive place
  • Include a clear cover image and group description
  • Post any community rules you want people to follow
  • Make a few trusted community members moderators, so they can help you make sure content meets Pinterest Community Guidelines 
  • Post some conversation-starters and questions to set a good example for group discussion and make community members feel engaged and inspired

Post in a community

A community is for sharing inspiration, getting expert advice, and creating conversation about everyone’s shared topic of interest.


  • Keep discussions going with questions, feedback and conversation-starters
  • Post Pins and photos of what you’ve tried and found
  • “Like” or reply to others’ posts 


  • Share off-topic posts that would better fit a different community, or posts that criticize, judge or attack other people
  • Post spam or self-promotion, like links and Pins advertising your own site

If a community's topic goes against Pinterest’s guidelines or the number of bad posts becomes unmanageable, we'll have to remove the whole community. But good news: community moderators can prevent that by taking responsibility for removing bad posts and the members who create them. To remove a post or ban a user, click   under the post you'd like to address.

Thanks for using discussions in communities to keep Pinterest the kind of helpful, positive place people love.

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