Communities moderation tips

We're currently experimenting with a new communities feature on Pinterest, which helps you swap tips, feedback, and ideas with people who share your interests. Learn how to join or create a community.

When you create a community, you become that community’s moderator. Moderators are an important part of cultivating a welcoming space for people to discuss and discover. Because of that, we've put together some suggestions to help you successfully moderate a Pinterest community.

Set your purpose

Add your community’s topic in the About tab. Is this a dog community? A small dog community? A small dog ratings community, for people who live in upstate New York? Get specific—it helps the right people find and join your community. 

Try to include the following in your description:

  • What topic does this community discuss?
  • What purpose does this community serve?

Every community is unique, so make sure to add or edit rules that apply to your community by clicking   at the top of your community.

Once your description is clear, invite members to grow your community and get the discussion going. 

Start enforcing the rules

As a moderator, you can now:

  • Make a post stick to the top of the feed. This could be helpful for posting any introductions or updates, since this will be the first post that new community members see.
  • Delete posts and ban members if necessary. As a moderator, it’s your job to keep the community useful and safe for all members, and to delete content that’s unproductively negative, completely off-topic, or goes against Pinterest Community Guidelines. For example, you might ban a community member who posts off-topic content multiple times. Keeping an active eye on posts and member activity helps keep your community live on Pinterest and discoverable in search.

Need help reviewing your community’s activity? You’re in luck. You can promote any of your community members to moderators by clicking   in your community's People tab.

Keep encouraging the conversation

Moderation isn't all banning and deleting. It’s also about setting an example and making sure your community’s a helpful, positive place. Be an active community member, and:

  • Regularly post on-topic photos, Pins and conversation-starters. Consider preparing content or questions on a daily or weekly schedule to set the tone and conversation topics.
  • Interact with others by “liking” and replying to posts. Genuine support and discussion makes new members feel welcome, and that’s what communities are all about!
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