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There are many ways to discover ideas you want to try on Pinterest.

Discover ideas on your home feed

Your home feed is where you discover Pins from people and boards you follow. You'll also find recommendations for Pins you might love and new people or brands to follow inspired by your recent activity.

The home feed has two tabs, Home and Today.

Click Home to view Pins that have been picked for you based on the boards you create, Pins you engage with, and things you search for on Pinterest.

Click Today to view a curated collection of ideas based on what’s trending on Pinterest. 

The home feed has at least two tabs, All and Board tabs. The All tab allows you to discover new ideas based on your interests.

These tabs are currently available in selected regions.

The home feed will have at least two tabs, All and Board tabs. The All tab allows you to discover new ideas based on your interests.

These tabs are currently available in select regions.

Search for ideas and trends

You can search Pinterest to discover trends and ideas relevant to your interests. When you click or tap the search bar, you can either explore suggested topics or enter a search of your own.

Explore suggested topics

Use the search bar to find topics relevant to your interests or to discover topics that others are already searching for on Pinterest. 

We'll also show you suggested topics when you tap the search bar or scroll the search page. These suggested topics are based on your interests and what's trending on Pinterest.

You can also tap the Explore tab to see what's trending on Pinterest right now.

Enter a search of your own

You can search for Pins, boards, or people in the search bar. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, try typing in something general (like “dinner ideas”), then use Pinterest’s suggestions in the search bar (like “healthy” or “for kids”) to narrow down your results.

Use your camera to search

If you’re on your mobile device, tap the camera icon next to the search bar to use Pinterest Lens to find ideas related to your photos or what’s right in front of you in real life.

Narrow your search results

Use these tabs to help you find what you're looking for:

  • Shop: Tap Shop to browse shoppable product Pins based on your search
  • Profiles: Tap Profiles to discover creators, people and brands based on your search
  • When you search for beauty ideas, you can narrow results by skin tone range and hair pattern

    Find more ideas related to your Pins and boards

    When you view a Pin or board, you can scroll down to see related ideas:

  • See ideas related to a Pin: Tap a Pin to open it. Scroll down to to see more ideas related to your Pin.
  • See ideas related to a board: Tap a board to view it. Scroll down to Find more ideas to see more ideas related to your board. Tap See more for more ideas.
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