There are many ways to discover ideas you want to try on Pinterest.

Discover ideas on your home feed

Your home feed is where you discover Pins from people and boards you follow. You'll also find recommendations for Pins you might love and new people or brands to follow inspired by your recent activity. See Pins inspired by your boards by clicking the board name at the top of your home feed.

Some people might see the Idea Pins following stream at the top of their home feed in the Pinterest app. Tap on a profile picture to view their Idea Pin or tap Discover creators at the top of your home feed to see new Idea Pins from creators you do not follow.

Find ideas with search

You can search for Pins, boards, or people in the search bar. We'll also show you personalized ideas inspired by your own activity and trending ideas that other people on Pinterest are saving. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, try typing in something general (like “dinner ideas”), then use Pinterest’s suggestions in the search bar (like “healthy” or “for kids”) to narrow down your results. If you’re on your mobile device, try tapping the camera icon next to the search bar to do a visual search for related ideas.

From your search results, you can explore relevant Pins for your search. If you see the Shop tab at the top of the search results, click Shop to browse product Pins. If you see skin tone ranges when you search for beauty ideas, you can narrow results for your selected skin tone on some Pins.

Explore more ideas

Click More ideas at the top of each of your boards or board sections to discover personalized recommendations inspired by the Pins you’ve already saved. Find anything from new ideas you might love to recommendations for how to organize your board into sections.

Explore the More like this section under a Pin you've clicked into. You can discover new recommendations that are related to the Pin.

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