When you search for a term related to sadness, anxiety or emotional distress, we'll show you some resources and tools, which we created with emotional health experts.

A few things to know about emotional health resources on Pinterest:
  • Using this experience is private and not connected to your Pinterest account. To help us make improvements, we use a third-party service provider to collect certain product data—like app crashes and page views—but this information is kept separate from other Pinterest data and won't affect how we deliver ads or recommend Pins to you on Pinterest.
  • These resources are not a substitute for professional medical help. They're not intended to be medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you're in need of medical assistance, please reach out to a healthcare professional.
  • This is available in the US, Germany, and Brazil on Pinterest mobile apps (Android and iOS) and desktop.
  • You'll notice that these resources look totally different—and are kept completely separate from—the Pinterest experience you're used to. You won't be able to save them as Pins or send them in messages to other people on Pinterest. To see any exercise again, search for the term that originally brought you here. 

    More resources

    If you’re struggling with depression or other painful or distressing emotions, helplines can provide free and confidential support.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Vibrant Emotional Health

    Additional recommended resources

    Consider speaking with a healthcare professional for assistance with any medical conditions or concerns.

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