Create and manage group boards

Group boards are a great way to share ideas and plans. As the owner of a group board, you manage the board's settings. To create a group board, invite friends to one of your existing boards.

Invite friends to collaborate on your board

Manage what your group board collaborators can do

As the owner of a group board, you decide what your collaborators can do on your board.

Note: This feature is not available to everyone yet.

Remove collaborators from your group board

You can remove people from any group boards you’ve created if you do not want them to be collaborators anymore.

Sort your group board

You can sort your group board to see the ideas most important to you and your collaborators. You can see the Pins with the most reactions first.

React to a Pin

You can react to Pins to show other people in your group how you feel or to help make decisions while collaborating on a project.

You can react to a Pin in different ways:

  • Clap the reaction hands clap icon
  • Heart the reaction face love simple icon
  • Lightbulb the question mark purple icon" role="img">the reaction light bulb iconthe question mark purple icon
  • Question the question mark purple icon
  • Thumbs down the reaction thumbs down icon
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