The Pinterest app for iOS requires permissions. When the app is installed, we’ll ask you to grant the app permissions before the app takes any actions. These permissions allow you to more easily use the Pinterest app.

You can control what Pinterest has access to in your device's settings, and then scroll down to select Pinterest to open the app settings.

Depending on the permission(s) you grant, the Pinterest app will have access to your:

  • Location so Pinterest can provide a better experience showing more relevant ads
  • Photos so you can upload images and videos from your photo library to create Pins
  • Local Network so you can connect to an internet network around you to use the Pinterest app
  • Microphone so you can use your microphone to record audio when you use your camera to create Pins
  • Camera so you can take a picture or video and create Pins or discover ideas inspired by anything you point your camera at with Lens
  • Siri & Search to allow Siri to learn how you use Pinterest to make suggestions across your apps and allow suggestions and content from Pinterest to appear on your Home Screen, in Search and in Look Up
  • Notifications so the app can send you push notifications about your activity on Pinterest
  • Cellular Data so you can connect to a cellular phone network when you’re not near an internet network to use the Pinterest app
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