On Pinterest notifications

Click  in the top-right corner of Pinterest on your computer or at the bottom of the Pinterest app on iOS or Android to find your on-Pinterest notifications. You’ll find updates about your Pins and boards, people you know on Pinterest, and stuff you might like. Click into each story to learn more about the Pins and people in it. Some stories are just about other people’s activity on Pinterest. You can turn these notifications off in your settings.

Email notifications

We do our best to only send you the emails you want to read, but you can always set your email preferences in your settings or unsubscribe from within an email

Our emails fall under four categories: Activity, Board searches and topics, Pin picks, and Social.  You can set detailed preferences for which emails you want to receive within each category. Uncheck the box next to each email type to unsubscribe or click Turn off all to unsubscribe from all emails, except privacy and account emails.

Push notifications

If you use the Pinterest app, we can send you push notifications about your activity on Pinterest. We do our best to only send you notifications you’ll enjoy and you can always select one of the following push notification preferences in your settings.

  • Everything (except push you’ve turned off) will include push notifications about most of your Pinterest activity.
  • Just the good stuff is only the push notifications we think you’ll like the most, including Pins and other recommendations.
  • No push notifications will turn off your push notifications completely.
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