This page supplements the Cookie Policy and briefly describes other technologies that we use at Pinterest. Collectively, we call these technologies “cookies.”


Pixels are small pieces of code, usually a transparent image or small JavaScript snippet placed on web pages or in emails that collect information about your browser or device and can set cookies.

Local storage allows data to be stored locally on your browser or device and includes HTML5 local storage and your browser cache.

SDKs are blocks of code provided by our partners that may be installed in our mobile apps that help us understand how you interact with our app’s features and get certain information about the device and network you use.

How data is retained for the various cookies depends on how often you clear the cache on your browser, device or app and how long we need to keep the data to bring you our different products and features.

Clear your Pinterest app cache

Similar to your browser, the Pinterest app will cache data within the device on which it’s installed. To clear the app cache on a mobile device:

  • In your mobile device open the Pinterest app
  • Once in the Pinterest app, tap
  • Go to Privacy & data
  • Tap on Clear app cache
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