Personalized ads on Pinterest

To help you see the type of ads you’re more likely to be interested in, Pinterest or a company advertising on Pinterest may use information about your off-Pinterest activity to personalize the ads you see.

For example:

  • A company advertising on Pinterest might share a list of customer email addresses with us. And if their customers are on Pinterest, we can show them more relevant ads.
  • They can use a Pinterest tag on their website, or send us information from their mobile app, to help us understand who’s visited or made purchases on their site or app. We can use that information to show ads to the right people on Pinterest. For instance, this way you might get an ad for a pair of shoes you checked out, but didn’t buy.

Not into the idea of seeing ads on Pinterest that were personalized using this kind of info? Go to your account settings and check the box next to “Use information from our partners to improve which recommendations and ads you see" then click Done. You’ll still see ads on Pinterest, but they won’t be personalized using information from our partners.

Below are other options that allow you to control how data from a browser or mobile device is used for ads personalization by Pinterest and other ad services. Keep in mind each control only applies to data from the browser or device you implement it on. If you want to opt out of all Pinterest ad personalization using your off-Pinterest activity, use your Pinterest account settings as described above. 

Web activity

  • Pinterest adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and provides an opt out on the DAA’s consumer choice tool at On that site you can opt out of the use of information that Pinterest collects about your web browsing activity for the purpose of showing you targeted ads. 
  • Note that when you opt out on, your choice there only applies to information the Pinterest tag collects from the browser you use to opt out. It does not apply to mobile apps or any other browsers you may use. Also note that if you clear your cookies, you’ll have to opt out again.

Mobile apps

  • iOS and Android devices have a resettable advertising identifier that Pinterest and other companies use to target ads based on the apps you use. 
  • Both iOS and Android devices allow you to opt out of the use of this identifier for purposes of showing you targeted ads. If you wish to opt out, you should use these settings, and remember that your choice only applies to the device on which you opt out. If you want to opt out of multiple devices, you need to opt out separately on each one.
    • iOS: In your iOS device settings, turn on the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting
    • Android: In your Android device settings, turn on “Opt out of Ads Personalization”
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