Issues or Questions regarding the European Platform to Business ("P2B") Regulation (2019/1150)

Pinterest has in place a robust internal system for handling complaints from our European Business Users regarding our compliance with the European Platform to Business Regulation (2019/1150). This system is easily accessible and free of charge, and we address all complaints promptly and based on the principles of transparency and equal treatment applied to equal situations. 

Measures taken regarding your account

If your account was suspended, or if access to your content was restricted by Pinterest, and you would like to appeal this action, please submit an appeal. You can submit an appeal using the process outlined in the email we sent to notify you of the restriction.  We treat all complaints in a manner proportionate to their importance and complexity, and if we revoke a restriction or suspension, we reinstate the impacted content without undue delay.

Technical issues

If you are having technical issues that are interfering with your access to or use of Pinterest, please contact us.

Questions regarding compliance with this regulation

If you have a Business Account and are located in the E.U. or U.K., and you have questions or concerns regarding Pinterest’s compliance with Regulation 2019/1150, please contact us.


For more information about our internal complaint-handling system under this regulation, you can find our latest report here.

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