We take all reports of cyberbullying and harassment seriously. If a conversation rises to the level of bullying or harassment of a specific person, we'll remove it. Learn how to report something on Pinterest.

Not all unkind language violates our bullying policies. People criticizing celebrities, people in the news, religion or other topics of public interest will generally be okay.

There are two things we look for when determining if something should be removed for harassment:

  • The person being harassed must be a private person, not a public or newsworthy figure.
  • It must be clear who is being harassed. This means the Pin includes a person’s name, initials, date of birth, or picture.
  • If you’re uncomfortable interacting with someone on Pinterest, you can block them.

    If you’re the target of harassment or cyberbullying:

  • Stop interacting with the person harassing you
  • Block the person to prevent them from following you or interacting with your Pins
  • Report the harassing Pins or person
  • If you’re ever concerned about your safety, contact a law enforcement agency
  • You can also get in touch with us.

    For more information about how to stay safe online and additional tips for dealing with harassment and cyberbullying, check out these helpful resources:

    Connect Safely (USA)
    Kids Help Phone(Canada)
    Project RockIt (Australia)
    Cyberbullying Research Center (for adults)

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