You can view, edit or delete your data from Pinterest. You can also edit how your data is used to personalize your experience on Pinterest.

Delete your personal data

You can delete your personal data by deleting your Pinterest account. When you delete your Pinterest account your public profile and boards will be removed from Pinterest immediately and your personal data will be deleted.

Edit your personal information

You can edit your personal information such as your birthday (mobile only), gender, location, language and contact information. This information is private and is not visible to people on Pinterest.

Edit your public profile

You can edit your public profile to share details about yourself or your business with people on Pinterest. Your public profile information includes your profile photo, name, bio, pronouns, website address, username and business contact information.

Edit personalization settings

With your permission, we use your information to provide you with the most interesting content when you use Pinterest. You can choose whether or not we use certain information to customize Pinterest for you by updating your personalization preferences.

Object to processing personal data

If you are a citizen of an EEA member state, and you would like to object to the processing of your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

Request access to personal data

You can request a download of your Pinterest data at any time. You’ll need to log on to the web version of Pinterest to make the request.

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