Pinterest is for inspiration. That’s why we’ve been deliberate about engineering a positive place online. 

The more Pinners search and save, the more personalized and relevant the ideas and results become. As Pinterest grows, it will remain a place where Pinners feel safe exploring new ideas, and where they can be confident in a useful and transparent experience. Our ultimate goal is to help Pinners go from inspiration to action, and create a life they love.

We’ll continue building products with safety and inspiration at the core of each piece of technology and policy decision. 

Our promise to Pinners 

To keep Pinterest the positive corner of the internet, our promise is to maintain a platform that fulfills the below.

Personalized ideas for your life

People come to Pinterest to plan, shop and get inspired, and we help by surfacing fresh and relevant recommendations based on the actions people take on Pinterest, like searching and saving. At any time, you can use the home feed tuner to edit the types of recommendations you see and turn off specific topics, Pins and boards. Or to hide a specific Pin to further personalize your experience.

Ads that feel additive, not intrusive

When you search for ideas, or save Pins to a board, we’ll show you ads to help you go from inspiration to action. Think seeing ads for rugs, sofas and pillows when you’re searching for living room decor ideas.

If an ad feels irrelevant, provide feedback by clicking the  the ellipsis icon on the Pin, then clicking “Hide Pin”. We may personalize your Pinterest experience using information from advertisers to improve which ads you see. You can turn this off at any time by going to your account’s privacy settings

Safety and positivity at the heart of design

Inspiration is a high bar, and we’ve built controls to keep Pinners safe. We have policies in place to protect you from seeing unsafe or harmful content, including misinformation.

We ask for age-related information, like birthday, to make sure we’re respecting the law and regulations that are in place. We use your age to personalize your Pinterest experience, ads, and recommendations, as well as determine your default privacy settings. And we respect your privacy so we do not share your birthdate with third parties or others on Pinterest. 

We also develop products that focus on wellness and positivity (like compassionate search) and have taken industry-first policy stances against misinformation and content that doesn’t inspire. Our full community guidelines can be found on our policy site.

A personal space for “Me time”

Pinterest isn’t about getting likes, reading the news, discussing politics, or connecting with friends. It’s about you and your plans, passions and interests. We build products based on direct response to Pinner feedback like unlimited secret boards (no recommendations or ads are based on secret boards, which are private to you) and skin tone range selections for beauty searches.

Inspiration over influence

To keep the focus on inspiration, we put policies about positive and safe content front and center for all creators. Our Creator Code is intended to encourage creators to understand and bring to life the spirit, as well as the intent, of our content policies. Creators are required to agree to the Code before publishing Idea Pins, acknowledging their responsibility in keeping Pinterest a safe and positive space. We also deliver reminders for Pinners to reconsider hateful or offensive comments before posting, and provide moderation tools for creators to highlight positive feedback and remove negative comments. 

What’s next?

We regularly review our systems to ensure we hold ourselves accountable to these Pinner Promises. And we’ll continue working across our technology, product, trust and safety, policy and advertising teams, to ensure Pinterest remains a positive and safe place for everyone. 

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