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It looks like the Idea Pins following stream is not available in your area. You can view Idea Pins in all areas. 

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Idea Pins give people more ways to share inspiration with up to 20 pages of videos, images and text. Idea Pins are currently available to some people with a Pinterest business account.

View Idea Pins

Idea Pins appear in your Pinterest home feed or in other places in the Pinterest app. You’ll recognize them by the the story pin icon in the top-left of the Pin. An Idea Pin gives you all the information you need to make a recipe, craft or try a creator’s idea. Some Idea Pins will have a list of details, ingredients or supplies you’ll need to make the Pin. Tap into an Idea Pin from your home feed and swipe through the pages to get creative.

You can add comments, reactions or photos to an Idea Pin just like you would on any other Pin. You can also save Idea Pins to your boards like any other Pin, though you cannot save an individual page from within an Idea Pin.

Want to create your own Idea Pin? Check out the steps.

View the Idea Pins following stream

The Idea Pins following stream is currently available to people who follow active Idea Pin creators. It’s a way to view Idea Pins from creators you follow and discover new creators at the top of your home feed in the Pinterest app. If a creator has recently published more than one Idea Pin, you’ll see a number on their profile picture. Tap on a profile picture to view the Idea Pin. Scroll vertically to see more recently published Idea Pins in the stream.

Tap Discover creators at the top of your home feed to see new Idea Pins from creators you do not follow. You can save an Idea Pin and follow the creator.

If you’ve already viewed a creator’s recent Idea Pins from the following stream, you can tap their profile picture at the top of your home feed to view their profile.

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