Transparency report

Pinterest has been publishing Transparency Reports twice a year since 2013. This report provides insight into the volume of information and removal requests received from law enforcement and government agencies. 

Below is our Transparency Report for the first half of 2020. For more information on how we respond to requests for user information, please see our Law Enforcement Guidelines.

2020 Transparency Report

Government Information Requests

Pinterest receives legal requests from law enforcement and government agencies for Pinterest user information. We diligently review each request and produce data for those that meet the requirements in our guidelines. Our policy is to notify users of government requests for their information prior to disclosing, unless we are prohibited by law or in emergency situations.

United States

Types Requests Some Information Produced Accounts   Accounts Notified**
Subpoena 28 28 34 3
Court Order  3 3 5 0
Warrant 14 14 15 2
Other* 1 1 1 0
Total 46 46 55 5



Country Types Requests Some Information Produced Accounts Accounts Notified**
Canada Other* 1 1 1 0
Total -- 1 1 1 0

*Other: Law enforcement requests such as wiretap orders, pen registers, trap and trace, and emergency disclosure requests

**Accounts Notified: The account owner was notified before production.

National Security Requests*

Time Period No. of Requests
January to June 2020 0-249

*National Security Request: Any national security letters and orders issued under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for user information

Government Content Removal Requests

We receive requests from government agencies to remove content on Pinterest that may be illegal in their country and/or a violation of our Community Guidelines

We review the removal requests to determine if it violates our Community Guidelines. Our teams take action on violations, ranging from removing the content globally to restricting the content if it only violates local law from the country where the request originated. 

Pinterest received a total of 919 requests from 6 government agencies outside of the United States of America from January to June 2020. We removed content for 790 of those requests for violating our Community Guidelines, and restricted the content on the remaining 129 requests.

Country  Community Guidelines Violation* Legal Removals**
Belgium 6 0
Germany 1 28
Kazakhstan 2 0
Korea 76 1
Russia 687 96
Turkey 18 4
Total 790 129

*Community Guidelines Violation: Content violates Pinterest Community Guidelines and was removed from the platform.

**Legal Removal: Content was reported by a government agency but did not violate Pinterest Community Guidelines and was therefore restricted from appearing only in the country where the request originated based on local law. 

Child Safety

Pinterest does not tolerate child sexual abuse material (CSAM). We have a strict no-tolerance policy for any content, imagery or text, that exploits or endangers minors. Detecting and removing this content is extremely important to us and we work closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to combat this type of activity.

Pinterest also employs a team of specialists trained to identify and review CSAM. We submitted 1,638 CyberTipline reports to NCMEC for the first half of 2020.

Time Period Cybertip Reports
January to June 2020 1,638


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