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Discover new products, like lipsticks, eyeshadows or eyeshadow palettes by virtually trying them on in the Pinterest app. You can shop for products you like and share them with friends. If you try on something you like, you can buy it right away, or save it to a board and buy it later. To get started, look for a Pin with a Try on button or open Lens.

Currently, you can only try on eyeshadow in the US.

Using Try on to shop for eyeshadow, try on an eyeshadow color (middle) and search for similar looks (right side)

Use Try on with Lens

Use Pinterest Lens in the Pinterest app to try on products.

Use Try on from the search bar

Enter beauty search terms in the search bar to use Try on with skin tone ranges.

Use Try on from Pins

With some Pins, you can try on the product featured in the Pin or try on similar products.

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