Your Privacy and Data Settings

To provide you with the most inspirational, personalized experience on Pinterest, we use information on how you engage and interact with ideas on and off Pinterest. You can update your privacy and data sharing settings to adjust what information we collect and how we share and use it.

Privacy and data settings

When you turn on Search Privacy, we let external search engines know to exclude your profile and boards from search results. From your settings, you can opt in and out of four different personalization settings:

Option Use case
Use sites you visit Controls how we use off-Pinterest data to improve recommendations and ads
Use partner info Controls how we use info from our partners for personalized ads and recommendations
Improve the ads you see about Pinterest Controls if we’re able to  we use your Pinterest activity to market Pinterest to you using other ad services
Share activity for ads performance reporting Controls if we’re able to share info connected to you with advertisers, to help measure their ad performance

If you’re located in the UK and you’ve selected that you’re under the age of 18, these settings won't appear for you. Until you're 18 we'll treat your account data as though the settings were "off".

Simply put, that means we won’t use your data from outside of Pinterest to show you recommendations or ads on Pinterest, and we won’t share it with advertisers or with ad platforms for our own advertising. 

Your other options

You can edit your profile to change what information is displayed on your Pins and public profile. Keep in mind that any info in your profile can be seen by the public.

You can prevent someone from following you, messaging you, or interacting with your Pins by blocking them. You can also save Pins to a Secret Board that only you (and any people you invite) can view. If someone is harassing you, you can report them.

You can also change your notification settings to adjust how often you hear about what’s happening on Pinterest. 

If you’re located in the EU or UK you can adjust your cookie preferences by visiting your privacy settings and selecting Edit under Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page.

Our Privacy Policy includes more information about how Pinterest processes your personal data. If you’d like to request, correct or delete your data you can learn how in our article, Access, edit or delete your personal data, and check out our Privacy Policy (under “Your options”) for even more choices. If you live in the EEA or California, review our specific policy sections to learn more about data options customized for your unique location.

Finally, if you’re a parent of a teen on Pinterest, there’s more info for you about our age requirements and privacy options.

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