3rd Party Click Tracking

With 3rd Party Tracking, Advertisers and Agencies can verify campaign tracking with their preferred 3rd party tracking partners.
Partners can use their 3rd party URLs on Pinterest to send click data to 3rd parties like Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), Facebook Atlas and other 3rd party ad serving tags for campaign reporting and verification of campaign delivery.
To do so, use your 3rd Party click-tracking URL as your promoted pin URL.
We support:
  1. Redirects for click tracking in pin promotion destination URLs are now allowed and will work on all devices (max. 2 redirects)
  2. Dynamic tracking parameters (optional) Dynamic parameters are placeholder text that can optionally be added to URLs. They enable advertisers to collect additional information from Pinterest on a click for campaign tracking purposes. They start and end with curly brackets.

Supported dynamic parameters: 

  • {campaignid}
  • {campaign_name}
  • {adgroupid}
  • {adgroupname}
  • {adid} - the pin promotion id
  • {device} - ‘t’, ‘c’, or ‘m’ for tablet, computer or mobile
  • Example: a landing URL provided by a retailer may look like this: retailer.com/mens-clothing/?cid={campaignid}  if the Pinterest campaign id is 1234, we will serve this URL as:  retailer.com/mens-clothing/?cid=1234

Supported dynamic parameters for Search Campaigns: 

  • {keyword} - the percent-encoded keyword string (e.g. running%20shoes) that matched the promoted pin
  • {keyword_id} - the keyword ID that matched the promoted pin

Note that dynamic parameters we don’t support will be ignored - for example if the retailer provides this URL: retailer.com/mens-clothing/?cid={CAMPAIGN-ID} we will ignore the tracking parameter and just serve the URL as retailer.com/mens-clothing/?cid={CAMPAIGN-ID}

Common Questions

Is there a minimum spend to participate?
Is there a specific agreement that needs to be signed prior to running?
Will any conversions be reported in my 3rd party dashboard?
Does this capability support macros in Atlas click tags?
Do click trackers stay attached to repins? Once our campaigns end are the impression and click trackers removed from the pins?

A: No. Anyone with a 3rd party tracking partner can participate.

A: No.

A: Cookie based tracking will not work properly in a mobile app environment. You’ll see a very limited subset of conversions on mobile, but you should not use these conversions to evaluate Pinterest’s performance.

A:  Yes, macros are also called dynamic parameters.

A: Yes, click trackers remain attached to repins and will report earned click activity. Once campaigns end, click trackers remain on the pins in perpetuity unless the repinner replaces the URL.