About the ad review process

All ads on Pinterest go through a review process to make sure they’re safe and appropriate for Pinterest. We review each ad against our advertising standards and will let you know if we find any issues.

Submitting your ads
When you create a new ad or make changes to an existing ad, the ad is automatically submitted for review. We’ll take a look at your ad’s image, description, targeting and landing page.

Changes to the description and destination URL on an existing ad will trigger review. All other changes (like changing your bid or other targeting options) will not trigger review.

Keep in mind, paused ads will not be submitted for review.

Waiting for review
Most ads are reviewed within one business day. You’ll want to allow for more time for review during peak times (like holidays). 

If it’s been longer than one business day, let us know. Remember, paused ads will not be submitted for review.

Understanding approval status
Once you submit an ad, we’ll assign it an approval status. You can check the status of your ads in Ads Manager. Here are the statuses you might see.

Pending: Your ad is being reviewed
Approved: Your ad has been approved and can begin running
Not Approved: There’s an issue with your ad that you’ll need to fix before it can run

Fixing ad rejections
If your ad is rejected, you’ll get an email explaining why and what you need to fix. Take a look at our advertising standards for additional details about our policies.

If you have any questions, let us know.