Activity from your website

To get to your website analytics, click Activity from (your website) at the top of Pinterest Analytics. If you don’t see this, you’ll need to claim your website first. 
You’ll see all the metrics as a daily average. Use the date picker to see data for specific time periods, and the All apps menu to filter profile data by device. You can also export the data to a csv file by clicking Export data.
Find out what content people like most from your website. You’ll see impressions, saves and clicks for Pins linking back to your site as a daily average. Use the date picker to see data for specific time periods. If you have Save buttons on your website, you can also learn how these buttons impact your Pinterest presence.
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Impressions Impressions
This is the number of times a Pin linked to your website has appeared on Pinterest homefeeds, category feeds and search. A viewer is anyone who sees a Pin from your website on their feeds.
Tip: Look at the sections that show your top Pins and boards. Pins with the most impressions usually represent content that Pinners are actively looking for. Continue adding similar Pins to reach even more people on Pinterest.
Saves Saves
The number of times someone saved a Pin on Pinterest that links to your website.
Tip: Look at the most saved Pins and boards sections. Pins with the most saves often represent content that people find most interesting.
Clicks Clicks
The number of times people clicked on a Pin to get to your website.
Tip: Look at the most clicked Pins and boards sections to see the content that people want to learn more about, take action on or purchase from your site. Keep saving similar content from your site to boost referral traffic from Pinterest to your business.
Original Pins Original Pins
These are first-time Pins created from your website using methods like the Save button on your website, our browser extensions and manual Pin uploads. You’ll see it first as a daily average, but you can use the graph to look at specific dates.
Tip: To make it easier for people to create new Pins from your website, add the Save button to your site.
All-time All-time
An assortment of metrics, including:
  • Your domain’s all-time most saved Pins: This data starts from the first time someone saves something from your website. 
  • Best in search: Pins from your website that are ranked highly in search. You can improve the search quality rankings of your Pins by writing quality pre-filled descriptions and using Rich Pins.
  • Power Pins: Pins with high engagement from Pinners, using a combination of saves, comments, sends and more.
Save button Save button
If you have Save buttons on your website, you can learn how these buttons impact your Pinterest presence. The two graphs in this view show you how the Save button drives more traffic to your website:
  • The first graph: The first graph shows you the number of impressions your pages with the Save button got in a 24-hour period, over a period of time. You’ll see how many times the Save button was clicked, and how many times a Pin was actually created on Pinterest.
  • The second graph: The second graph starts on Pinterest. You’ll see how many impressions Pins created from your website got, how many times those Pins were saved, and how many times those saved Pins lead to clicks back to your website. This information is from a specific week, all from that single day shown in the first graph.
Not seeing any data? You need to use an official Pinterest Save button for the data to appear.