Add, edit or delete a board

Boards are where you collect your Pins. You can add new boards from your profile or while your Pinning, and you can always edit a board if you ever need to change its name or description. 
Learn how to:
Add a board
Edit or delete a board
Change a board cover
Rearrange boards on your profile

​You can add a new board from your profile

  1. Click your name at the top of Pinterest then click Your Profile & Pins
  2. Click Create a Board.
  3. Choose a name and category for your board. You can also make the board secret or invite others to Pin to it. 
  4. Click Save Changes when you're finished.
Or add one while you're Pinning
  1. Open the board picker
  2. Type a title for your new board in the Create New Board field
  3. Click Create

Edit a board to change its name or description

  1. Go to the board and click Edit
  2. Or, open up the board and click Edit Board
  3. Make any changes to the board info
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Use the Delete Board button if you want to permanently delete your board

When you delete a board, all the Pins on that board are deleted as well. We can't restore deleted Pins or boards, so be careful! 

Board covers default to the first Pin on the board, or you can choose your own
  1. Hover over the board and click Change Cover
  2. Scroll through your Pins and pick your cover
  3. Click Save Changes when you're done

You can organize your boards however you'd like
  1. Click your name at the top of Pinterest then click Your Profile & Pins
  2. Drag your boards to rearrange them—just drop a board where you want it to be and we'll save it for you!
  3. Sometimes if you rearrange boards all at once, they don't save. Try moving a few and then refreshing the page to make sure the new order sticks.
Can’t get your arrangement to stick?  Make sure your browser is up to date, then clear your cache and cookies.